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New MO: Electroshock inside a cab.

From e-mail. We cannot be sure of the accuracy of this info, so it is posted “as is”.

This is a transcription of a e-mail chain I recevied.

One of our workmate was attacked by criminals, who tried to cause him a dismay to rob him. What happened was that he was traveling in a taxi and the cabdriver gave him his cellphone to answer a call (allegaly for not to break the transit law). At the moment he responded pressing the Send key, he felt a strong electric shock that put him at the edge of a dismay. Fortunately, this was a young man veru well built, so he could resist the discharge, but even so he was robbed. They took the money and other belongings and left him in a solitaire road, where somebody else took him to a hospital.

This “Cellphones” are adapted to produce a strong electric shock, are are similar to those devices used by Police and Security Teams to submit criminals.

Recommendation: do not receive anything “strange” from strangers, specially if traveling alone. Also do not take any street cab. Ask somebody to call a cab for you from a known company (or Hotel cabs). If you need to take a street cab in a hurry or emergency, be very straight to where are you going (almost demanding). The criminal may try to confuse you to force you to make a call. If he tries to convince you he need the right address to the hotel, then leave the cab inmediatelly.

Security begins when we watch over ourselves.

Estos ‘celulares’ son adaptados para que  produzcan una descarga eléctrica y funcionan como los aparatos utilizados por la policía para reducir a los  maleantes. Aconsejamos a todos a que no reciban nada de personas  desconocidas, más aun si están solos(as). Por favor sean sumamente  cuidadosos(as).

La seguridad empieza cuando nos cuidamos nosotros mismos.

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