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Attacks with Burundanga drug


Burundanga is the popular name of a drug which has the power of supress the will of the victims and causes temporary loss of memory during its effect. The scientific name is Escopolamine, and it is obtained from the Belladona tree. Farmacists uses Escopolamine to sinthezise Atropine, a drug with wide uses in legal medicine.

Time after time, we received e-mail chains with anonimous stories about burundanga attacks in Caracas disco and bars. Stories go from attacks inside the disco bar to attacks in taxis or airport cabs. We cannot verify the veracity of these stories, but we though it was wise to put some info in our website, specially for tourist. The attackers search for a victim inside the bar and then invites a drink with the drug. After a while the victim losses all the will and become a docile person, very manageable, and then the criminals convince the victims to go to other site where they consume the crime.

It is said that burundanga can be absorbed by the skin, but in our short investigation this should involve high friction and high doses of the drug. Apparently the higher risk is when is consumed diluted with alcohol or other drinks. Reports say it can be mix with candies, sodas, liquors, perfumes, papers, bills and others. The effects can last for 1 or two hours after in contact with the victim.

The MO
Generally, there are two or three people involved. One of them approach the victim in a public place. Rumor says that when they are close enought, criminals an use a book, a paper or a hankerchief to expose the drug to the victim, i.e. shaking it in from of the victim. AFter one or two minutes the effects begin and the victim slowly losses the judgement and become a docile person. Then the rest of the criminals appear and simule to be close friends of the victims, taking her or him away to a previously selected place when they can abuse phisically, morally or economically the victim.


Recomendations are the same as in other cases: never leave your drink alone in a bar, never touch flyers given by stranger at the streets. Never accept candies, drink or even cigarettes from strangers in public places. Never accept hankerchiefs from stranger at the stree that insists you have a spot in you face (leave him alone, and find a toillet to verify).

If you found yourself into a dangerous situation and you start feeling strange, and you suspect you are being drug, begin to fake a faint or dismay and start fake convulsions. Criminals are concious of the danger of an overdose of escopolamine, and probably will leave the scene. If you are still semiconsious, and you saw the criminal leave, then ask for help inmediately. Later you will not be able to remember anything.

Instruct your children and domestic service on the recommedations above. Sometimes, the criminals use this MO to get access to your home using the children or domestic service as victims.

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